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The Wookie Has No Pants

Of All The Things To Worry About

Star Wars Theme Community
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Welcome to wookie_pants! This is a community inspired by 30_kisses and the plethora of others like it. You claim a character, pairing/threesome, or friendship (up to 3) and write fics on 50 themes in 5 different sets. Instead of choosing a set, however, you still write on all 50 themes for one claim. More details here.

When posting, please give this information:

Claim: Please write out characters' full names, add any additional characters please
Set|Theme: (ex: Besh|1 - "It wasn't me")
Word Count:
Warnings: if any

Please use an lj-cut for fic/art.

1 No character bashing/bastardizing. There's no reason to do it. You can hate a character/pairing all you want, but leave it out of here.
2 No flaming. There are many, many outlets on the Internet (especially between LiveJournal and GreatestJournal) for you to flame and bash characters and such. This is a place where everyone can write out or draw out their favorite claims.
3 No spamming. I think there are enough communities on which for you to advertise. If you feel you'd like to advertise here (I suggest you don't), ask me for permission first.
4 Wait to post. It probably won't take me long to confirm your claim(s), but wait until I do confirm your claim(s) before posting.
5 Update regularly. I don't ask for you to update every week, but if it's been more than 6 months since you've updated on a claim, it's back up for grabs. You'll be warned when you come near it. I know it can take a while before you inspiration flows or problems in real life can occur.
6 Have fun. Yes, if you aren't having fun, you'll get a warning. Kidding! ^_^

Send questions here!
Theme list here!
Claim list here!
Make your claim!

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