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26 March 2006 @ 11:00 pm
First Entry  
Here's the first post! Direct any questions here!

Okay, so here's how it'll go down. You take the five theme sets (aurek, besh, cresh, cherek, dorn) and match it to five fic types (drabble, flash fic, short short, short story, novella/choice). What does this mean exactly? You match the fic types to each set, one-to-one. Then, your fics during that set must be of that length. You can be a little over or under the limits below; I won't be too, too strict on it, but it needs to be around the length (see below).

Thus, on the end, you should have 10 drabbles from one set, 10 flash fics from another, and 10 short shorts from a third. You may combine 2 or 3 themes for a short story, all from same set, but no more than that, so you should have between 4 and 10 short stories from the same set. You are not required to write a novella. You may either write one big novella using themes from one set as parts (instead of writing a novella for each theme), OR you may choose something else. You can do the last set as drabbles, flash fics, short shorts, short stories, or a mixture of all!

If you're going to draw, ignore the above. You may also do a mixture of art and fics, but your fics must adhere to the above.

Drabble = 100 words
Flash Fic 500 words
500 < Short Short 1,000 words
1,000 < Short Story 16,000 words
16,000 < Novella 40,000 words
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envoléeinside_my_skin on November 27th, 2006 09:35 pm (UTC)
A few questions indeed...
Okay... I'm trying to get a hang of this. I get the themes, which is just inspiration from each set (and you should get that ammount of stories from each set?)

And when and if I post my stories, do I post them here? And I figure I should ask, how do you feel about Original characters? Whether they be female/male/alien? OH, and can you only make one claim and then that's it? Or can you add a second if that claim is not already taken?

Anyway... sorry to be such a newbie at all this, I just want to make sure if I do this, I do it right.